Home learning arrangement during the class suspension until 19 April 2020

Due to the continued development of the novel coronavirus epidemic and high risk of virus’ spread in crowded environments, the Education Bureau has announced that all schools will be suspended until 19 April 2020. Classes will be resumed on 20 April (Monday) unless with further notice. As mentioned in the previous school notices, the school switches to home learning due to the latest epidemic development in different ways (Including online platform, Google Classroom, WhatsApp Group, Email and weChat etc.)

In addition to the home learning arrangement, our teachers have continued to discuss various possible measures to cope with the on-line learning and teaching in the prolonged suspension period. After several rounds of trails, we have arranged the on-line teaching period starting from 24th February, 2020(Please refer to Appendix). Please be reminded that students should check his/her own eClass and on-line platform periodically for the date and time of different classes in order to attend the on-line class accordingly. We understand that there are still difficulties in carrying out full-scale on-line teaching. However, we are supporting your child to continue with his/her learning. We also hope students would make good use of the time to conduct self-study and revisions at home.

Last but not least, we call on parents to enhance home-school co-operation and take proper care of your children, pay more attention to environmental and personal hygiene. We sincerely urge parents to arrange your children who are now travelling overseas to return to Hong Kong and please refrain your children from going to overcrowded places or attending group / extra-curricular activities during the class suspension period to avoid being infected.

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